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Already having the pit located we showed up early Sunday morning and re-probed the spot real quick to make sure that we had the right spot!  The owners of the home came out to see us and we made sure that it was ok to dig this spot.  With permission given I started breaking ground and was immediately into roots, tons of them, guess what?  Yep that's right, we forgot the root cutters, Rick go get the root cutters!

While rick was going to get the root cutters I dug as much as I could without them and started throwing the dirt on the tarps, there was no sod so it was easy throwing the topsoil on one tarp and use layer on another one.  At about three feet or so we go into the main use layer just enough to pull out a nice 1870's suace bottle, which was broken, of course!  At this point it was time to open up the hole and Rick had forgotten something else so while he was gone I dug like a maniac to get back down to the use again!  I got into it just as he got back and I started pulling out tons of broken glass and metal and few whole bottles, nothing great but alot of stuff for the owners and a couple pieces for the pick pile including a nice crock beer!