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with me down to the dig site. I cleaned out the hole and proceeded to dig, immediately bottles started coming out again, a sheared lip ink with a ground pontil, I broke into a compact use layer that was almost pure glass, all of itů broken! The pit bottomed out at 7 ft. I really wish I had a picture of this, the deepest pit I've ever dug, it looks really deep. I was disappointed, but there will be more digs, more stories. At this I'd like to stress a very critical point to our readers, NEVER DIG ALONE! If you are more than 4 ft. into a pit, you may be in serious danger. Never undermine the walls of a pit, always keep them square or even sloping out towards the top no matter how much work is involved. Well in conclusion I'd like to share some more pics from this dig and trash talk about future digs. 

"This is Jason and I'm going to add here that I showed up to fill this trench in, even though I was sick, to make sure that I hoarded my fair share of the picks!, hee, hee!"

 Here's the pics!