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In what I am sure will be a continuing tradition, I predict the outcome of our next dig.

This is the 4th pit we have dug at this 1850 home (actually this was the 2nd and 3rd), the story of the 4th is yet to come. Although this 3rd pit is the oldest one we have dug so far, it was not an 1850s or even 60s privy, I date it as being in use from the early 70s, the pieces of the OP flask were a late throw. At this time I will let you know that I have probed a 5 th pit at this small home and I 'know' it is the oldest pit on the property. Jason has stated that he doesn't like it and it won't produce… ha!, we shall see… stay tuned for more privy adventures!!!


Ricks Picks Above

Jason Picks Bellow (from both the 01/02 and 01/09/200 digs at this site)


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