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The First Dig Of the Millenia

Welcome to a new year of digging, we started off the year digging a pit at an 1850 house in my hometown and there were quite a few finds to be had!


I started out in the morning at my brother Jr.s probing for another pit but had no luck so I went over to Ricks and started a test hole on a spot that we thought we had located in his yard.  This hole didn't pan out and as I was getting ready to start another test hole my dad came over and started helping me.  Dad is the person who got us into digging and he has been digging on and off for 30+ years.  This hole didn't pan out either so we started back over at Jr.'s probing for a while and still nothing.  At this point I told my dad I wanted him to come look at a place that I had been scoping out for a while which was only a couple blocks away so we walked up there.  After we got to the home my dad said that he knew the guy who lived next door but not the person in this home so he went up and asked at his friends house first.  The guy said no problem so we broke out the probes and started to work.  We came up with nothing again so after giving up we were heading back to Ricks when my dad decided to go up and ask at the little house that I had been looking at originally.  The home was built in 1850 and the back yard was completely clear and farely small so  if he got the permission this was going to be a good one.  My dad came back around the back of the house within a couple of minutes and told me "No way man, she said there wasn't anybody touching her yard"  "Bummer", then he goes "just kidding she said dig all you want"  "That was a cruel joke dad"  Now I was excited so we went and got the equipment to start a test hole.  We could see two sunken spots in the yard but when I probed the first one with the three foot probe I didn't like it so we tested the second hole.  Once again after about a foot we were into nothing but clay.  Rick came down and after a few minutes went back to the original spot that I had probed only he used the five foot probe and this time there was lots of crunch and other sign of pit at the four foot level.  We moved the tarps and started a testhole here with my dad and my niece watching the work.