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There was a small ash layer about a foot and a half down and then it turned into clay again, didn't look good at all.  We took it down a little further and then Rick decided to fill it back in.  I was getting ready to help when I decided to stick a probe in anyway, the sign on the probe was too obvious for this not to be a pit.  I took the probe and at about the four foot mark I smashed through glass and I was positive that was what it was.  We get a lot of crunch everywhere in this area due to rocks but this was a different crunch I was sure of it.  I took the shovel and started going down as my nephew and Rick looked on and suddenly I heard the shrill screach of the shovel hitting glass.  As I looked down I could see the neck of a blop top beer stuck in the clay.  My nephew could see it also and said "theres one"  Rick still didn't believe us untill I uncovered it and showed him the neck.  It took me about fifteen minutes to unearth this one and by the time I had gotten it I had uncovered more, we would have to widen the hole and do the whole pit and it was already getting late so there wasn't any time to lose.


We widened the hole and then cleaned it out before hitting into tons of glass and metal and ash, use layer was over four feet down and about a foot thick. 


Whoever lived here had a definite taste for beer and several different kinds, we found 13 blop top beers in ten variations including, Walter Rauper Columbia city in quart amber and in 12oz almost electric blue (nice bottle), Indianapolis brewing with a large embossed angel in quart and 12 oz green, A.T.R. Wabash in a nice red amber, Terre Haute brewing in amber and others.  We also came out with a nice Atomizer inhaler with the glass straw still sticking out of it several marbles, a doll, a miniature 5 Cent Cologne and some other misc. medicines and chemicals.  We had to rush through this pit but we are sure that this is the newest pit in the yard so we'll be back to do some more excevations at this home later this month if the ground doesn't freeze on us.