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Privy Digging, Historical Flasks, Dump Digging, Bottledigging Stories, Bitters Bottles, Crawlspace Hunting, Posion Bottles, Figurals, River Floats, Medicine Bottles, Wading, The Treasuer Hunt is on!!!!!!!!!!




   Well I know it's been a while but we are still at it (things at work are getting pretty tough so I'm not getting the chance to update as often as I like, but hopefully you'll get another taste of the fun early next week!).  

    Last Sunday I decided to keep exploring the second privy that I thought I had located the week before, as I probed it some I realized that the probe was coming back with mud on it??????  I went ahead and tried to dig it but there was no use.... too much water holding in the bottom.  I went and probed privy #1 and was coming up with the same mud??????????? that's curious????  About a half hour later after I had filled in the hole and replaced the sod Rick said "come here and check this out, I think I might have found one."  I went over and re-probed where he had and sure enough over 2.5 feet and mud came up.  We dug a test hole and there is no doubt that this is a privy and probably the first one.  We came up with a piece of a blop beer first than further down some ancient pottery and a piece of a ground pontil bottle?????? well untill after the water goes down some in the bottoms we won't know on either one. 

    We are planning on digging this Sunday so hopefully  we will have something better too share than this.   By the way, we did go to another dump after we realized that the privys were full of water and found a few things, a dump from last year, but you will have to wait for that one, (I'm such a tease). 

    Untill next time "Enjoy the dig, rain shine or nuclear warfare!"