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Welcome to the World of Animation Explosion!

Today's web pages are anything but still. And if yours don't contain animations, you're probably not measuring up to the competition.

They flash. They wiggle. They jump off the screen! Animation Explosion gives you 5000 Web-ready animations, making it the largest library of premium-quality animations on the planet. Created by Nova Development's staff of professional animators, these GIF files are vivid, imaginative and easy to add to a web page using any web authoring tool. What's more, we've included interactive Shockwave animations that are a whole lot of fun!

Look what you get when you buy the full version of Animation Explosion...

  • More than 5000 premium-quality animations
  • Animated buttons, bullets, dividers, accents, banners and more
  • More than 1000 animated cartoons
  • Web-ready GIF format
  • More than 250 interactive Shockwave animations
  • Unprecedented variety of styles
  • Small files that download fast!
  • Royalty-free for use on the Web
  • Ready to drag and drop into any web editor
  • Unique animations you won't find anywhere else!

Free introductory bonus offer...

When you purchase the full version of Animation Explosion, you will also receive a power-packed animation tool - GIF Animator for Windows or GIFmation for Macintosh. Both allow you to edit the animations in Animation Explosion frame by frame or to create your own animations from existing images with a range of tools perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Animation Explosion puts an unprecedented variety of fast-loading buttons, bullets, cartoons and other animated graphics right at your fingertips. This professional quality animation library comes on CD-ROM and is guaranteed to save you time and money in building any web site. If you like this sampler, you'll love Animation Explosion. It's the ultimate library of animated web graphics.

For product or ordering information, call 1-800-395-NOVA (1-800-395-6682). International inquiries +1-818-591-9600; FAX (818) 591-8885. Or visit us on the web at

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