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 Back in July me and three other diggers hiked back to an old abandoned house site, it was 100 temp and there were bees snakes and poison ivy. We located the dump and dug it out but never found anything nearly as old as what the house was, 1830.

I left the group and layed down on my belly, cleared back some briars, then started to crawl under the old house. right when i saw the bottle wasps swarmed my head so I ran away then decided to sneak back for my bottle.

My probe came in handy. I held the tip and reached as far back under the house as I could reach and pulled out my first pontiled bottle.

I was on my belly wiggling past the bees, then when I thought it looked safe I got up and ran for mine and my bottles sake. I also saw a 3 pc. mold black glass bottle busted. I yelled to my friends out in the brush and there faces appeared wanting to see the bottle. I think they never beleived me. After a few more minutes the sky darkened, the wind picked up and lightning was striking close. Then we walked about a mile back to the truck in the rain.

If given another chance i would do it again.


Jason Arnold Pomeroy, Ohio


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