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The following Links are places that you can buy bottles, sell bottles and some even may let you trade your bottles!


E-bay has to be the hottest place to buy and sell bottles on the net.  They usually have 10-15,000 bottles up for auction on a daily basis. If you're looking for a particular bottle I would start here.  If you're looking to sell a bottle this is a great place to sell!


You put in what you are looking for and this service will e-mail everyone who might have it.  You name your price and condition and get only what you are looking for.  I like this service even better than E-bay myself!

Search ten of the hottest auctions on the net today for historical bottles in one shot by typing the name of the bottle you are looking for in the search engine at the Left.

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Wondering what that bottle is worth?   Try E-praisals you tell them what you have they tell you what it's worth!  This is a wonderful service!

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Second Market Club offers, sell, TRADE and buy options on their site.  Bottles are located under glass, other, bottles!  I hope you find what you are looking for or get rid of what you are trying to sell!


You have several bottles to sell and don't want to mess around with auctions?  Use respond.coms seller services.  They find the buyers for you!  This is the service that I use for my online shopping mall and if you have a lot of bottles to sell I highly recommend this service!

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