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The following are PICS from the incredible 10 day  dig in Australia

Thanks to David and Christine Tuckwell for sharing this grand adventure with us!

Click on a thumbnail to view full size, Hold your mouse over a pic to view a brief description,  ENJOY!

(l-r) gino papagni  digging companion dave tuckwell   (L-R) Keith Lower Ralph Horn Kim Jensen   a general range on the sorting table  a short break to browse the finds  so little time to dig  warners liquor shear top inks ointments  rex billinger records codd patent oils and bitter bottles  sorting recording and onsite storage

an amazing dump spanning 20yrs of digging   31193    foreground ian jaensch dave rawson (club president)  shane  robyn murray (a dig with friends)  one of the boxes of blue  white china recovered   two machine worked in tandem for the entire ten days  baby feeders character figurine tooth paste lids   tooth paste lids spirit measure blue chemist

A busy scene   blacking blue castor oil taddy tobacco jar aerated water ginger beers    bottle selection set up for the advertiser newspaper  brian tuckwell a great digger with 20yrs experience  bynol malt jar pratt pictorial lid ginger beer blue chemist    case gin miniature soy pot lids baby feeder aerated water oils   Close inspection   Family affair

How it was done   In the trenches    kay bartlett a hard worker and good friend on the dig  on the job  Our collection room around January 1999    Security guard Joe Brolese  Some labels were still readable   Sorting recording storagethumb

taddy   two rare finds- johnson  owen ginger beer wn crowder- barrett  elers patent    varied pot lids  miniature liquor and lids dolls heads glass and ceramic inks   varied pot lids opium pipe pratt jar green glass blacking bottle  Work progressing well

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