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I started the test hole and within a matter of fifteen minutes after removing the 3'x3' section of sod I had found a nice blop top beer and I was into nothing but a solid mass of glass! 


This pit was loaded and I was pulling bottles out left and right and the best thing of all was that everything was BIM no ABM stuff in this pit. 



The rain kept beating down and I took a break to go call my wife and let her know I needed her to come and take pictures of this dig for me and I also called Justin just to see if maybe his mom would let him come and help me finish this pit, but unfortunately his mom wasn't home so we have re-scheduled our dig at Justins till 12/19/99.  I couldn't stop digging now I'd have to finish the pit.  After about six hours of non-stop digging I was on the verge of collapse but I had to fill the hole back in and repair my brothers yard (maybe he wouldn't notice?)  close to the bottom I pulled out a nice amber NY medicine, a pontilled vinegar cruet and a nice crude ground screwtop sunburst flask.  The pit looked to me to be probably 1885-1905 not the oldes stuff I've dug in but not the newest by any means.


I was almost done filling the hole back in when Rick got home and came over to see what I was doing.  I was soaked to the bone, muddy as could be and I was cold and so tired that I could hardly lift the shovel by this time.  Rick couldn't hardly believe his eyes when he saw the pile of bottles and I had already thrown about fifty no names in the bottom of the pit before I started filling it back in.


Rick got me a rake so that I could finish the repairs and I loaded everything back up in the truck including my two boxes of keeper bottles and I headed for home and some hot supper and some sleep.

The next day I had to go talk to my brother Jr. and tell him that I had claim jumped his privy (Jr. used to dig bottles too and was impressed with the pictures of what was in his backyard)  Him and my dad had a hard time telling even where I had dug after the yard repair and Jr. didn't care that I had dug without permission (I knew he wouldn't otherwise I wouldn't had dug) 

All in all this was one of the better days of digging that I've had in a while and remember don't dig without permission (unless of course it's at your brothers house and he happens to be out of town!)

Till next time,

Enjoy the Dig


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