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Dig results for 11/14 and 11/28 1999

Nov. 14, 1999 - Well I hate to dissapoint everyone again but I'm afraid that these were some days of hard work without much in the way of results.  We started out after much re-search in Ricks yard which showed on the 1875 platt map.  We dug one small pit that we aren't sure what was put there for and came up dry.  After another hour or so of probing I went cold calling at a location that showed as being a doctors office on the 1875 platt map.  This place was perfect and I got permission to dig.  After we got back into the yard we realized that one outhouse was standing hidden behind some kind of mesh covered with vines.  We started probing and this yard was really weird, we could probe down easily to the hilt of the five foot probes and kept coming up with water.  Came to find out that the whole area where the pits were located was holding water so we were out of luck again.


Nov. 28, 1999 - This time we were off to a small town that no longer exists on any map Sevastapool, IN the site were going to had three houses two of which were torn down and one of which showed on the 1875 platt map of the town.  We started with the oldest of the three and there was one pit with the foundation still standing, right behind it within a few minutes me and Rick probed two more.

We started by doing a test hole on the one furthest back and we were coming out with really new beer bottles and a huge amber lysol jug.  TOO NEW!  So we went on to the next one which probed great.  We removed all of the sod determined to dig this one all the way out.  The stuff in the top of this pit showed screw top and newer but we decided to go on down to see what else we could find.  The amount of stuff in this pit was unreal, it was almost solid glass and metal and all... you guessed it... TOO NEW! 

Well that's it till next time!


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