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The top use layer was shallow only maybe a foot and a half deep and mostly newer ABM stuff (not what we were looking for.)  The wild part about all of the privies in this yard is the fact that all but one of them had a huge sand, rock and clay cap on it that made you think you were digging in natural ground.  This one was no exception.  Right below the top use layer we hit the nasty, hard to dig in cap that we were suspecting was probably there.  We started digging it out and then decided to stick the probe in to make sure that we weren't wasting our time.  I stuck the probe in and about ten inches down it crushed through a thick layer of glass, it was there no doubt.


We worked on removing the cap and soon we had bottles treed everywhere and Justin was literally hopping up and down to tear into one of the now exposed bottles so we let him in the hole and he started excavating a nice blop top beer right off the bat.


After Justin dug a few bottles out me and Bryan got back in the hole and removed the fluff and finished removing the cap so that all we had left was pure use layer.  I was first in the hole after the cleanup and I started with the digging tool in the NW corner of the pit and soon I had several bottles treed in the corner


As you can see from the pick the small three in one oil was the first one that I was going to start working on, it came out easily in the loose soil and gave way to a very sweet looking bottle right bellow it.


Oh yeah!, I was liking this, and I was liking the big bottle in the upper right hand side even more


A Dr. Miles New Heart Cure, hmmm... ain't never seen that one before.