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Jason's condition continued to deteriorate at this point and it was obvious that this would become a 2 man show, but that wasn't the worst… We were down around 5 ft. and the sun was down around the western horizon. No prob I thought, we'll plug in some lights and the show will go on. Well, after searching around the dig site home, we found no outside electrical source and the home owner was out of town. Darn, I knew I should have purchased some battery powered lights. What to do, what to do???? Maybe Brian and I could finish this one, after all, we're almost to the bottom. After a couple more turns in the hole each, it was getting really dark and no bottom. What a dilemma, I'm in the hole, I can barely see what's going on with my flashlight and bottles are popping out everywhere, a nice medicine, a sarsaparilla, a…. really nice teal ink!


This ink is early 70's and the piece that just fell out of the side of the pit, is well, older….


Let's assess the situation here, the last 2 pieces of glass I have seen are ink from early 70s, and pieces of OP flasks from A LONG TIME AGO!!!, I can't see hardly anything, but what I do see is definitely lots of glass, the pit is over 6 ft. deep and I hear voices from above saying "Hey, stop digging, we need to cover this pit up……" Stop, what the?? errrr… maybe I can kill them with the shovel and keep digging.. Wait, I can come back tomorrow! Bryan and I with my dads help proceeded to find materials to cover up this death trap and I retired to my nearby residence where I slept very little. The next day I devised an evil plan to leave work early and salvage the riches of what was to surely be a really generous pit. I left work around 3 pm and rounded up dad to come