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We continued taking turns in the hole until the pit was cleaned at about the 5 ˝ ft. level. There were a few more decent finds, but nothing too exciting. This wasn't the pontiled pit we were looking for, but the good news was that Jason had already probed another pit right next to this one and with 3 of us, we could easily knock out another one today, …couldn't we? We filled back in the hole as fast as we could and did the repair, still making sure to do a really good job. Then we decided to take lunch and come back to dig the next pit.


Pit Number one Finds

I ran to the house and ate as daydreams of bitters and flasks danced in my head. I looked at the clock and it was…. 1:45! Oh no, we would really have to hustle if we were going to pull a second dig off. I quickly got back into my digging clothes and headed out. When I arrived Jason and Bryan had not yet made it, but looking back down the road I seen them walking my way. When they got within talking distance a debate immediately arose as to the shortage of daylight hrs. left and what to do. I had probed a 4th pit in this yard last week, but it seemed to be really shallow, maybe about 4 ft. Should we dig this shallow pit and let what we felt could be the best pit in the yard go for another week? Sounded like good common sense, but then again, I was pumped up with bitters and flasks mania and who gives a big rats tail for common sense in that state? With indecision hanging thickly in the air and bringing on a general state of chaos , Jason suddenly declared that he had flipped a coin and the deep and possibly best pit had won. We snapped out of our confusion and in a matter of seconds tarps were spread and sod was being cut. We could do this! We were down in ash at about 3 ft. and convincing pieces of glass and artifacts were surfacing. Only minutes had passed and we were making big progress. Then matters took a turn for the worse, Jason started feeling ill, but decided he could go on. After we got down about another foot, bottles started rolling out. One of the first was one we hadn't seen yet, a ground top jar embossed 'McAllisters Mocking Bird Food'.


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